TRISH - Tree Ring Integrated System for Hydrology
Starting Regions for the Climatic Reconstruction System

The tool use process is done in two steps:

  1. Site selection, i.e. done using Screen-1 where the starting region can be chosen from the index maps below;
  2. Reconstraction of the selected sites, i.e. using Screen-2 that can be opened from Screen-1 only when the sites for the analysis are selected and saved to the user session records.
TRISH Sub-Arctic
Sub-Arctic Region

Presently, 143 sites
TRISH Europe
European Region

Presently, No sites
Southwestern US Region

Presently, 31 sites
Southeastern Asia Region

Presently, No sites
View Hydrologic and Climate Driver Maps Used in the Climatic Reconstruction System
EarthAtlas Maps
Global Extent

Presently, 6 hydro and 4 climate drivers